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Mainebeta.org is a website by the alumni of the Beta Eta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at the University of Maine at Orono to inform friends, family, and brothers about projects and events at our chapter house on the campus.

The Beta Eta Chapter House Association is a non-profit corporation created by Beta Eta Alumni in 1904 to build and maintain the Chapter House.

The Association is the legal owner of the building, leases the land from the University of Maine and pays taxes to the Town of Orono. Nine alumni are elected to the Board of Directors which conducts the business of the Association. Normal operations are funded by rent paid by the undergraduates while major repairs and projects are funded by donations to the Building Fund.

The Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation created in 2006 to fund scholarships and educational activities and is funded by donations.

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Homecoming 2016 is October 14, 15, 16

Dear Brothers,

Welcome to the 137th year of Beta Eta at UMO! You are invited to join us at the Alumni Meeting on Saturday, October 15, at 10:30 AM at the Chapter House, and be a part of the Beta Eta future.

Homecoming this year is OCT 14-16 and I look forward to seeing many of you that weekend and we will say good things of those who left us this year, especially Dave Lamb '62, to whom I would like to dedicate Homecoming. Just FYI, I had a recent phone call from Bob Maybury "61, who sends his regards and regrets that he won't be able to make the trip this year. Call me if you need his number.

I'm happy to report that the House Association has accomplished two major projects this year by installing new windows and new asphalt roofing backed up with ice & water shield. The roofers reported the decking was in good shape and they re-nailed boards as they went. The job also included aluminum cladding over the old soffits for a greatly improved appearance and functionality.

You need to know that the best part of this news is that the undergraduate chapter was able to donate $5,000 to each project due to a surplus after collecting some debts. It is gratifying to have them buy into the game and make a personal investment in the House. Their spirit and sense of belonging to the chapter makes it all worthwhile for me.

It is greatly appreciated, especially after having spent about $425,000 since 2003 in steel and concrete in the cellar, the kitchen overhaul, the main bathroom, the new furnaces, the porch, the windows and now, the roof.

While we have knocked many items off the list, other ones on the radar include the electrical system upgrade and expansion into the ram (Stage #1), interior finishes, flooring, exterior window trim repairs and some ground drainage/sidewalk repairs.
With those items in the future, you should know that here in the current, we have spent our Building Fund down to zilch this year and it's time to build it back up for the next round, whatever it shall be.

Won't you join these Alumni brothers at left and our undergraduates in direct financial support to the House Association?

Donate to the Building Fund or the Charitable Foundation today. Come join our jolly crew!
As ever, yours in

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Ed Stevens, President
Beta Eta Chapter House Association